Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Welding improving

After some practice my welding is looking better, its not perfect and I still have a problem with pollution of the tungsten (my fault) so I am having to regularly change and resharpen the tungstens.
Interestingly the weld looks better in the flesh and seems to have good penetration. I also need to add some extra bracing to improve the rigidity of the lower edge of the plate, and also add some holes to allow for drainage.

The part shown is the lower rocker mount, its is shown here mounted on the bottom right hand side of the plate and is bolted to the engine. This approach means the load (tension) will be transferred directly to the engine. Once finished it will be welded into the lower cross member to stop rotation.
The slot in the plate is to allow for adjustment of the rising rate, this will be retained with star washers to stop movement, and eventually I will fix in place with spacers.