Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Having finished off the bottom linkage mount I decided to dry assemble everything to check for any clearance problems, and more importantly to see if my calculations for the positioning of the lower mount were correct. The first problem was that there wasn't sufficient clearance for the bottom of the shock body, so I had to take a cutting wheel to my nice new mount. You can probably just about make out the hole in the picture below.
A bit of a shame but I will clean it up later and will probably rake the cut back much further and then infill with a plate.
Having fitted forks and wheels I could then sit on the bike and get a feel for whether the linkage felt 'right'. After dialling in some pre-load on the shock the ride height was about right and then bouncing up and down on the back felt pretty close to  a standard bike. The proof will be in the riding but for now I am happy with the positioning.
I am not so happy with the top shock mount.
Every time I look at it it reminds me of Ironbridge in the Midlands !!.
So its coming out, not sure what I'm going to replace it with but it will hopefully look more like a part of a motorbike frame rather than a civil engineering project.