Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A bit more progress on the swinging arm. The nose of the TZR250 swinging arm is the same size as that of the SRX so it slots straight into the frame. Since the rear wheel is also a TZR250 item this slots straight into place as well, so good so far.
Fortunately I already had a brake caliper mount from a TDR250, this bolts straight in the only issue being that the standard SRX rear caliper wont fit the mount and a front caliper has the wrong offset. Not a big deal and I want to make sure the wheels are aligned first to be certain that the correct wheel spacers are in place before sort the caliper alignment.
The only issue I can see at the moment is that the bearing block on the swinging arm is much narrower than on the previous arms and the locating bolt a smaller diameter, so I might need TZR dog-bones and rocker.