Thursday, 28 November 2013

So once the wheels are aligned the next step is to work out how to mount the rear shock and linkage. I have a choice of linkages and dogbones and limited space behind the engine to mount the rocker linkage. I have already decided that I am going to remake the lower engine mounts and extend them rear wards to incorporate the mounting point for the lower linkage, this gives a solid mounting point rather than relying upon existing frame members.
My main concern was how to decide exactly where to put the mount and what effect the different linkages I have would make. I did start to create a spreadsheet to model this but quickly got bogged down with too many variables. As with most things chances are someone else has had this problem and come up with a solution, I found the solution HERE it allows me to play around with different geometries and lengths and see what the effect is. Inputting the values in the first place is a little challenging but I will get there, and I will at least have some confidence that its not all guesswork.
I suspect I will end up making the lower mount adjustable and this will at least allow me to judge how effective the adjustment will be and what impact it will have.