Monday, 31 March 2014

I have made some progress on the rear shock mount, as mentioned before I wanted the load generated by the top of the shock to be transferred to the area around the swing arm mount, it would be easy enough to add some brackets to the top seat frame rails and leave it at that, the issue with this is that he frame at this point is only really designed to take load in compression, adding a shock mount would put the tubes in bending and would result in a bendy/flexible frame with the possibility of the tubes failing. Since I will be sitting on top of where the shock is mounted I really don't want it to fail :-)
The picture is not ideal but you can see the plates to the left and right of the shock. They will need tidying up and trimming to remove excess weight. The angle iron at the top of the picture is just to allow me to align the plates and wont form part of the final solution. I now need to work out how to add a cross brace and bracketry to bolt the shock mount to.