Sunday, 25 January 2015

Fairing mount

Having decided to mount the SRX 250 fairing I needed to create a mount for the subframe and weld this to the headstock. I thought this was going to be relatively simple job, but no it has taken me three attempts to get this right. The firts two were blighted by my welding, I was struggling with a lot of cavities in the weld and couldnt work out what was going wrong. Thanks to the guys on my welding is much better. I bought a flow meter to fit on the torch to measure the gas flow and invested in a gas lens, the results are now much better. The flow meter on its own will pay for itself, the meter on the regulator was way off and I was using 2-3 times too much gas.
Believe it or not the bracket below has taken me most of today !. And its still not welded to the frame. I had to fabricate in a way that the heat would not destroy the edges of the bracket when welding the spacers in.