Thursday, 24 April 2014

Since its going to be a while before I am going to get this project finished I have decided to fit the wheels and forks to my current SRX. The first hurdle was that the front wheel I was planning to fit had quite a large flat in it. After many weeks of searching I managed to get an SZR660 wheel for £15.
The back wheel all went together fairly easily but the chain offset was clearly wrong as the chain was rubbing on the chain guard, after measuring it all up the chain was 6mm out of alignment. An hour or so on the lathe and all was well again and the chain alignment is now fine. I am using an FZR250 caliper mount as the FZR uses the same size disc, however the caliper had to be offset 4mm to align correctly with the disc. This all bolted together no problems until I tried attach the hose which fouled the caliper mount, ho hum. Out with the grinder and it all fits together.
The front wheel all fitted together without too many problems. The main issue is with the Wirth springs, I was assuming that they would be the same length as the originals and that I could alter the length of the spacer to get the correct pre-load. Problems is they are full length springs and don't need a spacer, having fitted them the pre-load is clearly too high as the sag is only 12mm. I suspect the presence of the cartridge emulators isn't helping, the plan is to remove them to see if this fixes the pre-load issue and then I may have to shorten the spring to match.