Saturday, 15 March 2014

Fairly slow progress of late as I have been off work with pneumonia, as such most of the larger jobs will have to wait a while. A wile back after cleaning off all the oil from the inside of the SRX Monoshock mudguard I found a number of cracks which need fixing. One spans the length of the mudguard brace and
if you look carefully there is another crack which starts from the lower right hand mounting hole. Its looks to me like the bike it came of may have had a front end shunt at some point.
After cleaning up and cutting a groove using a mini air drill, and drilling small holes through to terminate the cracks I have a mudguard which looks like this.
After a bit of research I decided to try something called Plastex, there were a number of sites recommending it and it looked easy enough to use. It seems to consist of a very fine plastic powder and a some sort of liquid bonding agent. Having studied video supplied with it it looked easy enough to do but as usual nothing is quite that simple and my first attempt was a little messy. The second attempt was better and this is shown below.
It will need some tidying up but hopefully once its set then it will be strong enough to stop it cracking again.