Thursday, 6 February 2014

The first cuts

Having bought an air powered 75mm disc cutter its time to start attacking the frame. In order to brace the top shock mount properly I want to transfer the load from the top of the shock down to the area around the swinging arm pivot, the problem with this is that there is already little in the way of clearance between the chain and frame. I also need to consider that if I fit the 660 engine then the frame will need to be modified to gain the extra clearance needed (10mm).

The section that needs relieving is the inner face of the wider frame tube. By taking 10mm of the width and then adding a plate which spans the 'V' it will give me extra clearance and provide a way of transferring the load from the seat rails down to the swinging arm pivot area. 
After a lot of noise, and even more sparks I ended up with this.
 The plan is to extend the plate upwards and attach it to the seat rail, which should give sufficient bracing to take the load from the shock absorber.
The plating is fairly heavy so once I have made both sides I will re-shape it so it tapers towards the top and probably add some vertical slots to reduce the weight.