Friday, 20 December 2013

Having decided that the FZR250 linkage was more suited to the space I have available I need to work around the fact that the bearing block on the swingarm is narrower than that on the rocker, the choice came down to narrowing the rocker width or spacing out the block bearing block on the swingarm.
The issue with spacing out the block on the swingarm is one of strength, there is a chance that if it isnt supported then the bolt takes the load and could bend. Having spent sometime measuring (there is a theme here) I realised that if I changed the bearings I could fit the spindle from the FZR arm which is the right width and would take the load of the bolt. I then knocked up some spacers on the lathe to take up the play in the shaft. I will replace these with larger diameters ones later but these are fine for lining up the brackets for the rocker.