Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Still no progress on the swinging arm. I did consider moving the swinging arm pivot down to more chain clearance but its was pointed out to me that I was in a danger of putting form before function. They were right and I came to my senses before getting the cutting wheel out.
When I bought the Skorpion it came with a programmable ignition from Ignitech, being a bit of a geek I was quite looking forward to playing with this to see what effect altering the timing would makes to the low speed running. Bill Jurgenson recommends these boxes for the Muz Skorpion and and several people have reported smoother running. 
Whilst the Muz CDI is powered directly from the battery the SRX has a separate winding in the alternator, as such the two CDI's are quite different and I wasn't sure whether I could use the Ignitech unit. I contacted them last week to find out what was possible, they have now sent me a new harness and ignition map, all I need to do is swap the coil for the Muz item. Not bad for 12 Euros, I would recommend them to anyone looking for an alternative ignition system.