Sunday, 13 October 2013

This project as been a long time in the making so dont expect rapid progress. I originally bought the bike in 1997 when I needed an engine, it was an unregistered import from Japan, I had all the docs but since I had robbed it of the engine it remained unregistered until early this year. 
The original plan was to use the engine and then eventually convert it to monoshock  on that basis I bought an FZR400 (3TJ) swing arm, life and other things then got in the way and the swingarm ended in the loft.
I finally got round to registering the bike last year on a B plate. I then stripped the bike down with a view to finally mono-shocking it, the 3TJ arm went it after narrowing the nose to fit, however it was clear that there wasnt enough clearance for the chain. So that plan was scrapped.
Next along was an SRX400 monoshock arm, this fits ok and the chain clearance is fine, the issue is that its takes up a fair amount of space, the shock bolts directly to the top of the arm and as such sits quite high, taking up valuable space needed for the battery and air filters.
I then spotted a rear wheel, swing arm and brake system from a TZR125RR (4DL) on Ebay for £15. This a braced banana shape arm and even had a good tyre on the wheel.
The arm slotted straight into the frame with no modifications, it had a rising rate linkage so took up much less room. Sadly I didnt like the look of it so it is now in the loft.
I have now bought a FZR250 3LN arm which has the deltabox shape, rising rate linkage and should hopefully slot straight into the frame.
Meanwhile, to ensure I get the correct wheel alignment I have been measuring up the frame with the original arm and wheel fitted. It seems that the centre line of the wheel lines up with the centre line of the engine cases. Having this reference point will make lining everything up much easier.

The more observant of you will notice the engine is from my Skorpion project. I an still undecided on whether to use it in this project or sell it and use the funds to buy an SRX engine.