Monday, 21 October 2013

After some rough measuring using bits of angle iron it would appear the wheel is offset by 3mm towards the chain. Closer inspection of the caliper and disc clearance shows a 1mm gap on one side and 3mm on the other so I can claw back 1mm by reducing the length of the spacer that sits between the caliper mount and the wheel.
Also my measurements with the new swingarm are a bit hit and miss as they are based upon sliding the wheel as far forward as possible and this is making a huge assumption about how well the arm has been machined in the factory. So before I start modifying anything I need to line everything up properly which means
  • Fitting the front forks
  • Fitting bearings to the front wheel
  • Fitting bearings in the correct rear wheel (rather than the TZR125RR wheel I have been using)
  • Fitting bearings to the cush drive.
All of which will take me some time.

Right I'm off now to order some bearings.